Original And Pillow Top

The Harvest Green Original Mattress

​With a plush, but substantial, supportive feel, our Original Green Mattress is the much sought after option for affordable natural-luxury. This option is sure to deliver the best balance of support, firmness, and comfort.  With a total of 3 inches of all natural Dunlop latex, the original is best suited for stomach and back sleepers.  

The Harvest Green Pillow Top Mattress

For an ultra-luxurious, softer feel upgrading to our Pillow Top option offers an additional 2-inch layer of Natural Dunlop Latex.  This will bring the total overall finished size to 13-inches in thickness.  This extra 2-inches (Overall Total of 5 inches) of latex provides additional pressure relief for a softer feel. This option is preferred widely for side sleepers, athletes and some back sleepers.  
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