Adult Mask (4pk)


Transparent Specs
  • Limit 1 pack per household. Non-refundable. Our Organic Harvest face mask is hand made using GOTS certified organic cotton. Our Harvest face masks are NOT intended to replace medical-grade N95 masks and DO NOT filter particulates.  Since the virus spreads by emitting respiratory droplets, experts have stated that even cloth coverings can help as a barrier for those exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19. The Center for Disease Control says that when no face masks are available, individuals should use homemade masks. For those who are not in the medical field, our face masks offer a great alternative that won’t reduce the availability of the medical-grade N95 face masks for those who so desperately need them the most. 

  • Product Features

    *100% Organic Cotton 2-Ply Fabric (0.0625 Inches Thick)
    *Washable and Reusable (Cold Water) 
    *Comfortable and easy to useful 
    *No microfibers  
    *Asthma and allergy-friendly materials


    Currently, our Harvest masks are available online only.

Transparent Design Specifications | Harvest Green Mattresses

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