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Ideally, you have an established Retail business and share our Company's core beliefs, such as environmental issues, healthier sleep remedies, and green living. Also, your ideal Customer engages, values, and respects your opinions of our healthy sleep products.
Upon Market approval, we will provide you with the proper training for our products. We work together with our experience centers to ensure our green, healthy consumers are taken care of promptly and professionally. We aim to provide a seamless, painless purchase process for our valued Harvest Green Mattress Consumers.  What an excellent opportunity for all parties involved.
We would love to hear from you!  Contact us by filling in the Market Inquiry form below to get started. Some interactions may require signing a simple NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

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Do What You Love. Love What You Do.

Do you love what you do?  Are you looking for an opportunity to align with a Brand that shares your passion for going green?  Are you interested in educating individuals on the benefits of healthier sleep surfaces? Are you passionate about our core values of creating a more natural environment and lessening exposure to unnecessary harmful chemicals while protecting our planet?  Take a glance at our available partnership opportunities.

A) Social Media Partnership
B) Product Reviewer Partnership
C) Harvest Green Experience Partnership
D) Healthy Lifestyle Advocate Partnership ​ 

Ideally, you would 
advocate environmental issues, healthier sleep remedies, and green living.  You may even be an existing Harvest Green Mattress Consumer.  Your individual opinion and unique take on the issues relevant to our Company's values will play an important role.  Although less critical, a vast social following will also be factored in. Mainly we will focus on the issues in which you engage your audience. 
While sharing your passion for the Harvest Green Mattress, we award you're audience the ability to acquire special product discounts.  Lastly, we may feature our genuine collaboration as a testimonial on our page that could drive potential audiences back to you.
We would love to hear from you!  To get started touch base with us and include the following;

-Web Address if applicable
-Social Channels / Handles
-Sample Blogs 

Social Advocate

Product Reviewer Partnership

Ideally, you have an established and respected product review website or are part of any particular media outlet. Also, your audience should engage, value, and respect your opinions of researched products. After approval we will provide you with a sample of our product.  This product is then examined and tested by you using your methods.  In your own unbiased words, you will review the product in a short series of videos and then post it to your social platform.  Certain product reviews may be featured on our website that will drive traffic directly to your site!

-Web Address, if applicable
-Social Channels / Handles
-Which Product would you Like to Review
-Sample Reviews 

Product Reviewer

Become A Green, Healthy Advocate Affiliate

Ideally, you are passionate and align with our Company's values for environmental issues, healthier sleep remedies, and green living. Your goal is to earn referral compensation by engaging your audience and familiarizing them with our Company. You may be a Media Outlet, Product Reviewer, Product Advocate, or any combination.  After we discuss your collaboration, approve it and set a final agreement you'll be on your way. We will provide you with all the proper copy, banners, and text links needed to make the collaboration successful. Overall exposure and product order volumes will affect earned Commission rates. Please note that any affiliate sites that use SPAM, click-bait tactics, deliver any experience in conflict with our company's core values, or operate in any such an unethical manner need not apply. Please note that all applicants in this program are subject to examination and approval before engagement. 
We would love to hear from you!  To get started, get in touch with us and include the following;

-Web Address, if applicable
-Social Channels / Handles
-Sample Blogs
-Links To Any Current Collaborations

Healthy Advocate