Harvest Money Back Guarantee

Try your new Harvest Green Mattress, Vegan Mattress, Double-Sided Mattress, Green Mattress Topper or Vegan Mattress topper for up to 100 nights before deciding if it's the right sleep solution for you. You may need to allow your body some time to adjust.  This is not an everyday purchase and adjustment times will vary as your body becomes familiar with your new mattress.  The 100-night risk-free trial will begin the day you receive your new mattress.  During the allowed period if your back decides there's no chance of going green with us, please contact us.  It is at his point that we will process your request for free pick up for a charitable donation or even eco-conscious recycling.

We do not charge a Pick-Up or Restocking Fee! 

When the pick-up is confirmed, we will execute a full refund. Please note that White Glove delivery fee's is non-refundable.

(1) Our serviceable area for complimentary mattress pickups and returns is the 50 states of the United States only, including Alaska and Hawaii. If your mattress is located outside the USA, you are responsible for any costs associated with pick-up and return.

(2) Products must be in a condition suitable for donation to be eligible for return (i.e., no stains, tears, excessive odors or soiling). Product is subject to inspection by a local Harvest Green Experience Center Partner.

(3) The risk-free sleep trial is limited to two of each particular product type per initial order. If you return a mattress from any order, you are not eligible for an additional 100-night trial on future mattress orders.

(4) All Harvest Green Mattress Experience Centers/Retail Partners are independently owned & operated. Sleep Trial periods will vary based on your purchase agreement with any given Harvest Green Mattress retail partner.

(5) Adjustable bases, pillows, sheets, duvet covers are non-refundable and do not qualify for our 100-Night Sleep Trial.

Free Mattress Trial

No one can put an exact time frame on how long it takes for one's body to adjust to a new sleeping surface as every individual is different. Hence the reason we do not apply requirements on the duration in which you sleep on your new harvest green mattress before requesting a Sleep Trial Return.  However, we very respectfully ask that you give it 30-60 days Your entire body does need this time to acclimate as well as ample time to see if you breathe easier, wake more refreshed, energized and sleep deeper overall. You can greatly increase your chances of making the right decision by experiencing our products first hand by visiting a Harvest Experience Partner near you.

Thankfully we have a much lower rate of return than most companies, but, it does happen. We donate to a local charity or depending on the condition of the mattress we may seek a third party responsible recycler. So, what do we do with a returned mattress? As an organization we're green passionate, we do everything possible to ensure that a returned mattress is donated and put to use! (subject to verification). Our goal is to ensure that none of our mattresses end up in a landfills. Our first choice will always be to have it donated to a person or family in need. 
As confirmed by our Law Tag we never resell any returned mattresses.  We only use all-new materials in building our mattresses. Executing a Return on our end is thought to be an opportunity to assist a needy family.  Another great thing that sets us apart from other online mattress companies is that we do not charge a restocking or return shipment fee.  This ensures your 100-night sleep trial is truly risk-free. Most other brands charge a restocking fee or require you to pay for the return shipment (OUCH) and/or coordinate the mattress return (challenging). The intention of this is to limit returns, by making them too costly or difficult. We won't do that to you.

This limited Mattress Warranty will be governed by the laws of the State of Illinois.
Harvest Green Mattress, LLC
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All Harvest Green Mattress Experience Centers/Retail Partners are independently owned & operated. Prior to purchase it is suggested that you become familiar with any retail purchase contract they may have as they may differ from purchasing directly from Harvest Green Mattress (www.harvestgreenmattress.com).

Try Before You Buy

Most mattress websites make it seem as though traditional brick an mortar stores are a bad thing. We believe this is not true! Our network of retail partners assist a great deal in helping us reduce our return rates. It is reported that well over 20% of online mattress purchases are returned. The costs and environmental impacts associated with such high return rates should be considered. Trying a mattress prior to purchase will more than double your chances of making the right purchase the first time. Book Appointment near you today!