It's What We Don't Have That Makes Us Proud

There’s no comparison to a Harvest Green Mattress to traditional sleep sets that use memory foams, gel foams,  synthetic foams or fiberglass fire protection. What sets us apart as the healthy alternative is that we handcraft our ultra-premium green sleep surfaces from materials containing substantially less toxic industrial chemicals and don’t use polyurethane foams. Harvest Green Mattresses are natural Dunlop latex sleep sets providing healthier, luxurious surfaces.




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Chemical Adhesives NO MOST
Fiberglass NO SOME
Synthetic Latex NO MOST
Polyurethane Foams NO MOST
Memory Foams NO SOME
Chemical Fire Retardants NO SOME

eco-INSTITUT Certified

Our natural organic Harvest green latex is proudly certified by the eco-INSTITUT in Cologne, Germany. This certificate of approval validates that our green Dunlop latex sleep sets have been proven to exceed the legal requirements for the health harmlessness of latex and mattress products. Our Harvest Green Dunlop latex
starts by being tapped from beneath the bark of a rubber tree. Once the sap is harvested, it's swirled into a froth. It is then baked in a steam mold. Our Natural Dunlop is durable, and comfortable and provides excellent back support. Our Latex makes our sleep sets more natural.

ECO-INSTITUT Certification

Our Dunlop Latex Rubber is Natural, Organic & Affordable

We begin by harvesting pure rubber sap from Hevea Brasiliense trees in Asia. This process is sustainable as the tree can yield Latex for up to 30 years and does not harm the tree. The traditional Dunlop Manufacturing process, as it is referred to, is then implemented by whipping the latex sap into a froth, pouring it into molds, covering it up, and steam baking it. The result is a greener, cleaner, more supportive resilient, and more durable alternative. 

Our Dunlop Latex Rubber is breathable & provides the optimal sleeping surface.

All memory foams and synthetic foams trap the body’s heat and radiate it back to the user. This results in uncomfortable perspiration while sleeping, sometimes awaking the user and disrupting sleep. Our Harvest Green organic latex allows air to flow, circulate and breathe naturally. A cooler, more restorative sleep is achieved by regulating the body's temperature.

Our Latex Is Anti-Microbial

Our Harvest green organic latex is natural and is inherently resistant to molds, mildew and bacteria. It also acts as a natural barrier to dust mites. The average individual will shed millions of microscopic skin cells and perspire almost one pint of water in an 8hr sleep.

Your sleep set must create an environment where these contaminants cannot thrive.

Limit The VOC's

Unlike synthetic foams such as memory foam and petroleum-based polyurethane foams, our natural, organic Harvest Green latex emits no chemical odor and substantially decreases Volatile Organic Compounds.

Our Latex is Environment Friendly

While our latex is highly durable and resilient, it is biodegradable. Unreal right? Our natural Harvest Green Latex creates an environmentally- friendly, affordable, non-toxic mattress. The Harvesting of Sap from the tree is sustainable while the trees assist in purifying the air and water to promote biodiversity.

Natural Wool

Our natural Wool is certified and grown on farms. Our wool is produced without involving many widely used chemicals.

Naturally Fire Resistant

Our Harvest Natural Wool naturally wicks moisture away and acts as an natural fire retardant , and is mostly toxin-free. It assists a great deal in regulating temperature while being dust mite resistant and anti-microbial.  Most importantly our natural Wool eliminates the need for Fiberglass, which can be very dangerous.

Response Coil System

Very few mattress companies produce their very own coils on-site. We do, and it comes with many benefits. This allows us to skip another costly middleman. It also provides us firsthand control over quality and demand so we can consistently deliver the best product for less money.

This environmentally friendly unit is constructed from 95% recycled steel.

Durable, Proven & Time-Tested Design
- Air Flow Keeps It Cooler
- Greatly Reduces Overall Weight
- Delivers A Consistent Sleep Surface
- The Very Best In Edge Support
- Produced In Our Factory

Time Proven Coil Design

Air flow keeps our sleep sets Cooler. Our Coils are made with the perfect gauge wire that reduces overall weight, delivering a more consistent sleeping surface.

The Very Best In Edge Support
2 Distinct / Defined Zones​  
Firm Edges with a Supportive Center