Our mattresses do not contain fiberglass. Everyday foam mattresses rely on what is known as an FR Fire Sock. There are two known types of FR Fire Socks being used today. some are treated with fire-resistant chemicals. Others are constructed with fiberglass. Fiberglass FR Fire Socks are the more widely used type as it is the least expensive method. Some of today’s most popular brands use fiberglass FR Socks to pass the federally mandated fire test (16 CFR 1633). Consumers should have a good understanding of how the mattress industry has addressed these compliance regulations.
Our Natural Green Mattresses are federally compliant by incorporating natural wool in our construction. No secret fire-retardant chemicals or FR Socks.  Wool is naturally flame resistant. It takes more than double the temperature to ignite wool than it does most common textile fibers. 


Foam mattress constructions rely on Fire Resistant Socks (FR Socks).  FR Socks are the synthetic material that encases the inner core of foam mattresses.  Its purpose is to offer an additional layer of protection and slow the combustion of a mattress. 

FR Socks are produced using a variety of techniques and ingredients.  Most contain fiberglass others use heavy chemical treatments. They are intended to be safe but expose the user to other risks. To give you a better idea this video shows how an FR Sock is applied to a mattress.


Fiberglass FR Socks have been known to wreak havoc in homes.  When exposed to the open-air Fiberglass FR Socks expel tiny shards of glass throughout the entire home. Side effects from exposure include skin rash, eye irritation, soreness of the nose and throat, and temporary stomach irritation.  In some cases, it will even ruin everything in your home as shards of glass float through the entire home. The Mattress Industry continues to use these construction techniques in fireproofing its mattresses.  Recently, this has prompted consumers to take action.


Chemical FR Socks serve the same purpose as Fiberglass FR Socks without the use of fiberglass.  However, the trade-off exposes users to various chemicals that are known to be unhealthful. Known fire retardant chemicals are; Boric Acid, Antimony Trioxide, Decabromodiphenyl Oxide, Melamine, Vinylidene Chloride. Mattress manufactures are not legally obligated to list ingredients in their “secret or proprietary” FR barrier solutions. They are only mandated to pass an independent third party burn test to ensure that their mattress burns at an acceptable pace. 

100% Fiberglass Free

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