A Better Solution For All

Standard mattresses are made with polyurethane-based or memory foam, which have been recognized as unhealthful material. These foams contain toxic ingredients such as TDI or TDA.  They also require chemical fire retardant treatments or fiberglass that we feel should be avoided at all costs. Sleep trials are fantastic, and we are fans of this process.  However, many online mattress returns end up in landfills.  We want to make it easier for consumers to find healthier, affordable options.  

Our first challenge was re-engineering the traditional sleep surface inside and out, eliminating potentially harmful chemicals. Our second challenge was building a network of like-minded partners to show off our new green mattresses, allowing customers to try before they buy.


Launching in the Summer of 2018, we set out to build a network of Conscious Retail Partners to solve two main problems our Industry has created. 

High Return Rates & Unaffordable Healthy Sleep Options.

Healthy Sleep Options

Most sleep offerings today are built using synthetic materials that we feel are not-long term healthy. Great organic solutions exist but at such a high-cost, which is unobtainable for most. We don't have some elaborate story to tell you of an arduous journey we took trying to shop for a natural mattress with no luck. We are simply a company lead by a team of Industry veterans with a vision of doing things cleaner, better, more affordable, and accessible.

THE HARVEST SOLUTION: We set out to build a natural sleep set that is made with organic materials that are both healthful and affordable! 

Improve The Process

A great majority of online mattresses are sent back for return.  Turns out Retail Stores assist a great deal to improving this process and increasing customer satisfaction. Most reasons for returning a mattress purchased online are as follows:
-Off-Gassing from synthetic materials, which creates foul odors and has caused headaches and other health concerns for some,
-The Mattress does not meet the consumer's expectations from a quality standpoint.
-The Mattress does not meet the consumer's expectations from a comfort standpoint.
There's a better way to address this problem!

The Harvest Solution:

Connect with a retailer network that shares our passion for healthier, affordable, sustainable sleep.  Offer our Customers the option to "Try before you buy"We eliminate the hassle of returns and the wasted valuable time. This conserves effort and precious resources while still providing our customers the comfort of a "Sleep Trial" should they be more comfortable purchasing online without testing first.  We offer the best of both worlds, allowing our consumers to make the most responsible purchasing decision.

Less Pressure = Better Purchase Decisions!

To say a mattress purchase is a significant decision is an understatement.  We take our purchase process as serious as you do. This decision sometimes requires much more than pretty photography and a fluffy website.  This is why we are so committed to building a network of Harvest Experience Centers throughout the Country and beyond!  We want to assist our customers in making the best choice the first time around, while still providing a Risk-Free Sleep Trial for consumers with a less concerning firmness level.

Sleep-Trial Success

We humbly recommend giving your new Harvest Green Mattress 30-60 nights to get the most accurate feel, even if you first have test-driven it in one of our Experience Centers . There are many reasons for this: Your current sleep set may have your body conditioned to improper support and sleep posture.  In this correction process, you may experience some levels of discomfort that dissipates as your body adjusts to proper support and sleep posture. Occasionally, a sleep trial return is needed, and we will certainly help you through this process. Ultimately, we aim to make you happy and eliminate the overall hassle and waste of your time.

Free Shipping & Returns!

If you exercise your option to coordinate a quick and easy return, no hard feelings.  We have an efficient, free pick-up/return process. ​  We want to make this process as easy and efficient as possible.  Buy online now or Try Before You Buy!  We offer the best options for making the most responsible purchase decision right for you! Our company's mission is to get it right the first time to decrease wasted time and the hassle of finding a new solution.

Our Parent Company

Our Harvest Green Mattress Brand launched in 2018. We may be a new Consumer brand, but our parent Company (ISP) has been building mattresses since 1978. Our over 40-year experience in the Mattress industry has afforded us a great deal of knowledge in product and process. Today, the internet is filled with brands offering warranties longer than the actual business has been around. With us, this is not the case. Rest assured, your warranty, and sleep trial will be backed by a company that has been in business for over 40 years.