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Very few online mattress brands own their Factory. The vast majority of online mattress merchants import finished products from China or act as costly middlemen. We have full control that allows us to monitor quality standards from the supply side as well as the production side.  Our top priority is eliminating all waste involved in the production process of all our products to lower our environmental impact. Our concept allows our customers the opportunity to try our sleep sets before committing to purchase. Harvest Green Mattress has and continues to find Retail Partners that share our passion all across the country.  It turns out we aren't the only business going green. This is a unique process that assists in eliminating the waste of mattress returns that could potentially end up in landfills.

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Environmentally Friendly Dad with daughter


End to end, the number of disposed of mattresses every year would circle the earth.  The United States alone disposes of an estimated 20 Million Mattresses per year with most ending up in landfills.  The majority of these are constructed from petrochemicals and pose a serious environmental hazard. Almost all of the components in our Harvest Green Mattress can be recycled.  Natural Dunlop Latex is known to last almost twice as long as traditional foam options assisting a great deal to increase product lifespans and further reduce waste. Our fabric-encased ergonomic support unit is made 100% from upcycled steel. For every 100 queen-sized mattresses we produce in place of traditional foam-encased mattresses we save the environment up to 40 gallons of crude oil. Even the Harvest Green Mattress carton is constructed from recycled corrugated products.


Almost all of today's mattresses are constructed with the use of chemical adhesives, chemical flame retardants, and petrochemicals that have an impact. These chemicals have the potential to contaminate our resources.  Our Harvest Green Mattresses feature materials such as Dunlop latex rubber, organic cotton that is biodegradable.  Our construction eliminates the need for any chemical adhesives. You can rest assured our products are designed to be greener and support sustainability efforts.

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Dunlop and Talalay share some similarities in the manufacturing process. Both begin with all-natural latex sap sustainably obtained from Hevea Brasiliensis Trees. Both can be made in a wide range of firmness. However, Talalay Latex has 2 additional steps with the addition of chemical additives. This gives Talalay the advantage of a fluffier feel while losing some performance, durability, and natural qualities. The Dunlop process produces a slightly firmer, tighter cell structure which is more durable and supportive.  ​We use Dunlop Latex for two main reasons: 
1) Tighter Cell Structure resulting in a more durable & supportive product.
2) Less processing which grants us a more Natural Product.


Hevea Brasiliensis, also known as Rubber Trees provide a continuous milky fluid from its bark. After reaching a mature age of 7, these trees can continually be harvested throughout their 25-30 year life span. At the end of their lifespan, they are then harvested for their wood.  After being harvested for wood, a new tree is planted and the cycle repeats itself.  Using solely organic fertilizers in the fertilization process further ensures a more natural product. It is known that Hevea Brasiliensis fields promote biodiversity by assisting the course of soil erosion.  In the end, this gives us a more eco-friendly product using a sustainable comfort material.

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Harvest Green Mattresses are produced as ordered eliminating the need for inventory. This effort keeps our inventory lean and fresh. Lean manufacturing principles are applied throughout our production process. Our skilled team of Mattress Craftsman and Craftswomen make our company work efficiently every day. Our company's goal is to produce the greenest of products with the greenest process possible. We ensure great efforts are put forth to minimize our corporate carbon footprint and waste.


The sleep Industry has seen mattress replacement cycles on the decline due to the overabundance of inexpensive, low-quality alternatives. Our Harvest Green Mattress is constructed using the very best in durable, long-lasting natural and organic materials.  The environmental impact and cost of purchasing one quality mattress over time are substantially less than the cost of purchasing 2-3 inferior, less comfortable polyurethane or memory foam options.   Our Dunlop Latex is built to last and is one of the most well known durable, natural mattress materials available. 

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