Harvest Green Mattress Collage Of Experience Partner Locations




Harvest Green Mattress Collage Of Experience Partner Locations

About Our Harvest Green Experience Center Partners

We believe that most online mattress providers receive their mattresses back consistently. Maybe you, yourself have already been through this process. Even though you have the option to return most online sleep options, it still doesn't mitigate the lost time, effort and hassle of the return process as well as finding a new replacement option. We believe that not everyone's conscience even allows them to return a mattress and waste is never sustainable.
We invite our customers to try before they buy. It's a step that simply just can not be done by purchasing solely online. We offer the very best of both options. You can buy directly online or, try the bed out locally if you wish. This is a unique process as it is very rare to research a particular mattress model online and actually travel to a store and try it out in person. Most of today's major mattress brands will re-title their models when they wholesale to Retail outlets. Sometimes large national chains will just create their own Brand Names eliminating your ability to compare pricing.
Our Retail experience centers work together with us to ensure a seamless process is executed from start to finish and any service that may arise in between. It is a unique partnership and collaboration that allows us full control over our cost to ensure the best value is delivered to our Customers while eliminating all the potential waste and customer confusion, dissatisfaction. 
Our ultimate goal is to eliminate waste wherever possible. A great number of returns worldwide are ending up in landfills as donation centers fill up with online Mattress Returns! Based on a study conducted by the Mattress Recycling Council, more than 50,000 mattresses are disposed of daily! According to Nationwide Mattress Recycling "The bottom line, close to 4,500,000 mattresses and 4,500,000 box springs are destined for the landfill or incinerator each and every year in the U.S. That amounts to over 250,000,000 pounds of mattresses alone!"
Let's work together to Harvest a solution that is best for all as well as our environment.

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