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We're proud to say our Harvest Green Mattress is made with natural​ and organic materials. Our 100% natural Dunlap latex is eco-INSTITUT Certified and is tree tapped as well as sustainable.  Our all natural New Zealand wool is OEKO-TEK Standard 100 Certified.  Our organic cotton is GOTS Certified. Our posterized zoned response coil system provides the very best in pressure point relief and is constructed  100% recycled steel. ​

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Harvest Mattress being tufted video

Hand Tufting

All Harvest Green mattresses feature distinctive, soft rosettes that are made from our pure white organic wool.

Hand-tufting is unique as it is hand applied and adds more assembly time and skill.  This assists substantially in preventing dips and valleys that are very common in everyday mattresses. 

However, its best attribute is that it allows us yet another opportunity to eliminate nasty adhesive chemicals to our sleep set.  Our tufting acts as the bond that keeps our layers from shifting or bunching. 


All Harvest Green Mattresses feature the very best in both support and individualized coil comfort. 

Our Posturized response comfort unit provides a consistent level of support all the way to the edge. This unit is 26% more durable than foam cores and bends 24% easier, making it perfect for adjustable bases. 

This advanced unit also reduces or eliminates the feeling of roll-off.  The best part about it is the fact that it is constructed from 95% recycled scrap steel making it eco-friendly. 

Harvest Posturized Response System
Harvest Original Handle Feature

Classic Adjusting Handles

You will never need to flip your new Harvest Mattress.

However, you will find these handles to come in handy when changing sheets or turning it.  



All Mattress manufacturers are required by federal law to meet flammability standards known as  16 CFR Part 1632   &  16 CFR Part 1633.  Almost all Mattress Manufactures including the BIG guys use highly controversial fire retardants for its cost efficiency.  Are you ready for the crazy part?  They are not required by law to inform Consumers of exactly what chemicals are in the fire retardants they use.  Some of these chemicals are highly toxic. They have been suspected to cause organ toxicity, hair loss, and other neurological damage.

Harvest uses a unique fire barrier protectant (Hydrated silica).  We also use 100% certified organic wool. This wool does char but is difficult to ignite. 

Harvest Green Mattresses exceed all federal flammability and CPSC standards while eliminating the use of chemical flame retardants. 

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