Vegan Mattress Topper

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  • The Harvest Vegan Mattress Topper uses Dunlop latex rubber and natural cotton.  There is no wool or polyurethane foams.  We avoid the use of toxic fire retardants that are contained in many mattress toppers manufactured today.  This Vegan version shares the same latex core as our Green Mattress Topper.  There are two firmness levels to choose from Soft or Firm. Please select the desired firmness level above.  To see exactly what's inside our Vegan Mattress Toppers, click here.

  • Product Dimensions

    Twin Size: 38” Wide x 75” Long x 2.75” Thick 
    Twin XL Size: 38” Wide x 80” Long x 2.75” Thick 
    Full Size: 54” Wide x 75” Long x 2.75” Thick 
    Queen Size: 60” Wide x 80” Long x 2.75” Thick 
    King Size: 76” Wide x 80” Long x 2.75” Thick 
    Cal King Size: 72” Wide x 84” Long x 2.75” Thick

Natural, Luxurious, Comfortable Vegan Mattress Toppers

We're proud to say our Harvest Vegan Mattress Toppers strive toward organic. Our Vegan Harvest Green Toppers use no wool or animal-based products.

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We Strive Towards Organic

Is there a manufactured mattress on the planet truly 100% Natural?

It is challenging to definitively claim that any manufactured mattress is genuinely 100% natural, or certified 100% organic as the production process often involves various materials and components. Even mattresses labeled as "100% Natural" or "All-Natural" may still contain certain additives, treatments, or processing steps that can be considered necessary for manufacturing purposes. For instance, when making Dunlap latex, there is something called the "curing package." These additives play a crucial role in the vulcanization process and help the latex transition from liquid to solid. A GOTS certification does not grant the mattress manufacturer the right to label this component 100% Natural.

We Use Dunlop Latex

Our Dunlop latex sap is obtained from Hevea Brasiliense Trees. The Dunlop process produces a slightly firmer, tighter cell structure which is more durable and supportive. We use Dunlop Latex for two main reasons:

-Tighter Cell Structure resulting in a more durable & supportive product.

-Less processing which grants us a more Natural Product.

Hevea Brasiliense, also known as Rubber Trees, provides a continuous milky fluid from its bark. After reaching a mature age of 7, these trees can continually be harvested throughout their 25-30 year life span. They are harvested for their wood at the end of their lifespan. After being harvested for wood, a new tree is planted, and the cycle repeats itself. Mainly using organic fertilizers in the fertilization process further ensures a more natural product. It is known that Hevea Brasiliense fields promote biodiversity by assisting the course of soil erosion. Ultimately, this gives us an eco-friendlier product using sustainable comfort material.

Harvest Green Mattresses carries the following certifications on its Dunlop latex: GOLS certified Dunlop latex, ECO-Institut and OEKO-TEX.

Natural Cotton

Our natural cotton is the most breathable, coolest, softest materials available. It also naturally wicks away moisture. All of these attributes make our top covers luxurious and one of the best sleep surfaces available. Our cotton avoids use of harmful substances such as allergenic dyes, pesticides, chlorinated phenols, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and chloro-organic carriers.

Our cotton is certified by OEKO-TEX.

Vegan Soft Mattress Topper

Our soft vegan mattress topper features 2 inches of Dunlop latex.  If your mattress is currently too firm, this Soft Topper will provide a deeper, luxuriously softer sleeping surface. Our soft topper inner-core will be constructed using our D65 natural latex. This model is recommended for side sleepers, athletes and some back sleepers.

Vegan Firm Mattress Topper

Our firm vegan mattress topper features 2 inches of natural Dunlop latex.  If your mattress is currently too soft, this Firm Topper will provide a more stable and firmer sleeping surface. Our firm topper inner-core will be constructed using our D75 natural latex. This model is recommended for back and stomach sleepers.

Easy Access Zipper

Our easy zipper access allows you to make any subtle adjustments to inside latex if ever needed. The top cover is adorned with our natural cotton fabric. A natural canvas cotton bottom limits shifting. 

Superior Natural Latex & Cotton

Almost all mattress toppers are simply a wrapped or sewn layer of synthetic foam.  These often feel great at first but not in the long run.  Most do not allow for proper airflow creating a great amount of heat making you sweat overnight.  Our durable latex works in conjunction with our wool to wick away moisture, by allowing air to circulate naturally.