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About Moss Envy:

Why Moss Envy?
An introduction to organic mattresses.

Here at Moss Envy we feature the biggest selection of organic mattress brands in the upper Midwest! Find both inner spring and organic latex mattresses from top brands.
Many are concerned that just below the surface of conventional mattresses are unknown chemicals - a proprietary mix of chemical agents that prevent your mattress from combusting during a fire. This Federal safety measure from years ago along with off gassing foams have exposed millions of people to harmful chemicals of concern...

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Moss Envy is proud to offer Harvest Green Mattress.
Moss Envy also provides something else that is vital to the mattress choosing equation. An expert! There is a lot to learn and (unfortunately) a lot of misinformation out there online. We know that your search for answers can feel overwhelming. Moss Envy's Healthy Sleep Experts will help you learn the truth about what's inside your mattress and assist you in choosing a mattress that really works with your body type, your sleeping style, and your budget.

In a study performed by Duke University, evidence was found of exposure to a potentially harmful fire retardant in the urine samples of all 22 mothers and 26 children tested. On average, the children had nearly five times more than their mothers of a chemical formed when the fire retardant, TDCPP, breaks down in the body. You can guess where most people (including children) are exposed to these flame retardants on a regular basis - their bed! Give yourself and your children every possible chance at a healthy future and get the flame retardants out of your bed by getting a mattress from Moss Envy.

 Independently owned, Moss Envy is family owned and operated by Tina and Ryan North. The North's are known for their detailed attention to customer service. They know how important it is to make you a happy customer! They have independently vetted their store's product choices and want you to know that they've already done the hard work when it comes to research! (And they are picky!)

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