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Neighborhood Home
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About This Experience Center:

Here at Neighborhood Home in Decorah, IA we look forward to helping you learn the advantages of happy, healthy, sleep. Your choice to eliminate chemicals wherever possible reflects your lifestyle and should always be paramount. When you look for inspiration, we know the health and well-being of your family is a top priority. That is why at Neighborhood Home, we have taken the steps to ensure the products we sell are not only safe for every member of your family, but for the environment as well. We are proud to say that we now carry a line of Harvest Green Mattress as a strong alternative offering you a non-toxic, chemical free sleep solution with your health and family in mind. When you come into Neighborhood Home, you can feel comfort knowing we have already done the research needed to provide you with the safest alternatives to traditional sleep sets. Our dedicated sales team is specially trained to be able to help you make the best decision for your new healthy sleeping surface. At Neighborhood Home in Decorah, IA our Harvest Green Mattress displays offer the complete selection for the eco-friendly consumer! We look forward to showing the benefits of a healthier, safer, sleep option.

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About Our Harvest Green Experience Center Partners

We have found that we are not the only organization that shares the same passion for natural, green, healthy sleep.  Our green sleep partners also believe that healthier sleep products produced with a greener carbon footprint are better for all.  We believe that most traditional online mattress providers receive their mattresses back on a consistent basis.  Even though you have the option to return most online sleep options, it still doesn't mitigate the lost time, effort and hassle of finding a new sleep option.  We invite our Customers to try before they buy.  It's a step that simply just can not be done by purchasing solely online.  We offer the very best of both options.  You can buy directly online or, try the bed out locally if you wish. Both options will still afford you the 100-Night Sleep Trial period.  Sleep preferences can be very subjective and vary from person to person.  In the end, we believe this will save our precious customers time, hassle and, also limit our overall waste a great deal. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate waste wherever possible.  Can't find a Harvest Experience Center Partner close enough to you? Not a problem, we still grant you the 100-Night Sleep Trial and you are free to purchase directly online now.   Want to recommend your favorite local sleep shop or Furniture Retailer in your area? Click here    Or, if you're passionate enough about our product maybe you yourself would like to become a licensed Harvest Experience Center.   Either way, we would love to hear from you! Each Harvest Experience Center Location is independently owned and operated; therefore, they may set individual policies outside of our standard terms and conditions regarding returns, exchanges and sleep trial periods.   

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