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Back in 1993, I opened my first mattress store with the help of my dad at the age of 23. Over time, Beds, Beds, Beds (can you tell what I sold?) in Orland Park, Illinois expanded to 6 stores all within the Chicagoland area. I always appreciated customer quality and getting a good night's sleep!
Over the years while making friends in the field and becoming a married father of two; I shifted my business to kids bedroom furniture and mattresses in 2009. Today I run my store full-time in Naperville, Illinois.

I have been friends with same mattress suppliers for 27 years and have 100% trust in the products that I sell to the public. They are great mattress manufacturers that use the finest materials. ​I know there are many online mattress products options that I feel are just not the quality some people are looking for. This is why I decided to open our website to the country and let you have a great sleeping experience on our quality, affordable, and healthy mattresses.​

Ken Eggert (Owner)

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About Our Harvest Green Experience Center Partners

We have found that we are not the only organization that shares the same passion for natural, green, healthy sleep products and harvesting a more sustainable process.  Our green sleep partners also believe that healthier sleep products produced with a greener carbon footprint are better for all.  We believe that most traditional online mattress providers receive their mattresses back on a consistent basis.  Even though you have the option to return most online sleep options, it still doesn't mitigate the lost time, effort and hassle of finding a new sleep option.  We invite our Customers to try before they buy.  It's a step that simply just cannot be done by purchasing solely online.  We offer the very best of both options.  You can buy directly online or, try the bed out locally if you wish. Both options can still afford you the 100-Night Sleep Trial period with most of our green sleep partners.  Sleep preferences can be very subjective and vary from person to person.  In the end, we believe this will save our precious customers time, hassle and, also limit our overall waste a great deal. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate waste wherever possible.  Can't find a Harvest Experience Center Partner close enough to you? Not a problem, we still grant you the 100-Night Sleep Trial and you are free to purchase directly online now.   Want to recommend your favorite local sleep shop or Furniture Retailer in your area? Click here    Or, if you're passionate enough about our product maybe you yourself would like to become Harvest Green  Advocate.   We would love to hear from you! Each Harvest Experience Center Location is independently owned and operated; therefore, on occasion may set individual policies outside of our standard terms and conditions regarding returns, exchanges and sleep trial periods.  However, the majority of our green partners mirror our policies.  Feel free to contact us or begin a chat now.

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